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(イ ヘリム)

One day, out of the blue, the house next door disappeared. No, it would be more correct to say that it was destroyed. After a while, a new building was built on the vacant lot, and every day the sound of the TV and the cries of children leaked out from there. When I became accustomed to its popularity, I suddenly tried to remember the shape and smell of the old house, but I could not recall them immediately. Perhaps because I felt a sense of loneliness at the fading memories, from that time on I began to walk around the neighborhood and record every "change" I found. When I returned home and looked at the photos I had taken, I was caught by the feeling that the past present was standing behind the present landscape, as if it were rising up from behind the photos.
A changing landscape, it is a "strata" landscape that I captured it alive as I walked, but a "momentary" landscape that would soon change.

(Hyelim LEE)


金柑画廊は、9月3日(土)から9月25日(日)まで、 イヘリム 「着せ替え風景」を開催いたします。


Kinkan Gallery is pleased to present Hyelim LEE "Strata" from September 3 through September 25.
Hyelim LEE was born in Seoul, Korea and is currently a doctoral student at Tama Art University. She creates works by paper-making and collage on the theme of "memory" and "time." While living in Seoul, she became interested in the memory of land that has been repeatedly demolished and built upon from a casual glance at a construction site. This experience led to "memory" and "time," which later became themes in her work. She says, "Just as the light from the stars we see now is hundreds or hundreds of millions of years old, people and things that seem unrelated at first glance must be connected somewhere if we could unravel the distant past."The title "Strata" is her attempt to capture the multilayered and repeated changes in the landscape as urban memory. It is also an attempt to connect her own existence from dots to lines. Please take this opportunity to view the exhibition.

(Kyoko Ota, Kinkan Gallery)

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